Why We Organize

Johana Bencomo

Executive Director

I organize because I aspire for all of us to live out our values in abundance, and not scarcity. Where no one is standing in the margins, but live with a deep desire to transform our pain into power.

Contact Johana: johana@organizenm.org

Brenda G. Martinez

Operations & Logistics Manager

Contact Brenda: brenda@organizenm.org

(575) 524-0897

Stevie R. Paz

Digital Organizer

I organize because the heart of the work–is the storytelling. And it is through our stories that we bring to light the systems that have been designed to divide us, and it is through our stories that will bring us back together.

Contact Stevie: stevie@organizenm.org

Abraham Sanchez

Community Organizer

Doña Ana County

I organize to challenge my community and myself to recognize our collective power through the value of our stories. As iron sharpens iron we grow and move together in love, stepping into our power, to demand justice for our communities.

Contact Abraham:

Nena Benavidez

Community Organizer

Grant & Hidalgo County

Contact Nena: nena@organizenm.org

Reverend Carolyn Wilkins

Clergy Engagement & Donor Development Manager

Contact Rev. Carolyn WIilkins: revcarolyn@organizenm.org

Viviana Arciniega

Community Organizer

Doña Ana County

I have been organizing and leading in my community for almost 10 years. This work is important to me because I care about the well-being, freedom and rights of people who in some way or another have felt that their rights have been denied or forgotten. I advocate and continue in la lucha because I want to see and live in a more inclusive and accepting community where justice is fair, voices are heard, and change is done for the better.

Contact Viviana: viviana@organizenm.org

Beatrice Armendariz

Community Organizer

Luna County

I organize to help create “people power” within the individuals we serve. To establish self-help by encouraging our community to find their voice.

Contact Beatrice: beatrice@organizenm.org

Daniel Sanchez

Community Organizer

Doña Ana County

In my experience, society only progresses as fast as our slowest progressing person. We have a social responsibility to give the proper tools and opportunities to everyone. With proper tools and opportunities we can insure that everyone has the ability to keep up and grow. Our children deserve to inherit a world of possibilities not problems.

Contact Daniel: daniel@organizenm.org