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Why We Organize

Arturo Aguila

Executive Director

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(575) 524-0897

Brenda G. Martinez

Operations & Logistics Manager

“My passion that drives me to do this work is working around immigration issues in borderland communities. I am a DACA recipient, and I understand the adversities and struggles immigrant families face on a daily basis. Despite the adversities the DACA program has faced, I know that people have power to change the world by working together.”

Contact Brenda:

(575) 524-0897

Stevie R. Paz

Digital Organizer

I organize because the heart of the work–is the storytelling. And it is through our stories that we bring to light the systems that have been designed to divide us, and it is through our stories that will bring us back together.

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Daniel Sanchez

Community Organizer

Doña Ana County

In my experience, society only progresses as fast as our slowest progressing person. We have a social responsibility to give the proper tools and opportunities to everyone. With proper tools and opportunities we can insure that everyone has the ability to keep up and grow. Our children deserve to inherit a world of possibilities not problems.

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Beatrice Armendariz

Community Organizer

Luna County

I organize to help create “people power” within the individuals we serve. To establish self-help by encouraging our community to find their voice.

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Reverend Carolyn Wilkins

Clergy Engagement & Donor Development Manager

I have been an activist for human rights, justice and dignity for over 20 years. I’m honored to encourage and engage clergy in lending their prophetic voices to helping families and communities receive the support and services they need.

Contact Rev. Carolyn WIilkins: