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Who We Organize With

NM CAFe is a broad base organization of institutions, community members, unions, schools, non-profit community organizations, and congregations which are vessels of relationship among people with shared values of faithful citizenship, democracy, solidarity, and traditions of mutual obligation.

Organizing across Southern New Mexico brings together an economically, linguistically and ethnically diverse cross section of the community. Uniting people from diverse identities has given us a broader understanding of how to better organize the community to move forward by having everyone at the table.

Updated How NM CAFe Organizes Infographic

How We ORganize

We use a time-tested community organizing model that centers the concerns and leadership of directly-impacted people.

As part of our core identity and beliefs, NM CAFe has taken great measures to ensure that our organization is led by directly impacted people at every level – from our staff, to our board to our base of community leaders.