NM CAFe Logotype in White


NM CAFe and CAFe Accion kicked off a robust civic engagement program over a period of 3 months in partnership with Equis Project. CAFe Accion hired 37 canvassers that knocked on 177,833 doors, had 8,697 conversations, and phone banked 20,534 people in Dona Ana County.

This resulted in 3,123 new Hispanic voters in Doña Ana County – who voted early.

In addition to the civic engagement program, CAFe Accion also put on a celebratory event: ‘¡Gentefest! 2022 Las Cruces’. Which celebrated and emphasized Latino community political influence and cultural power. Emphasizing the right to vote and urging people to vote before or on election day was crucial to the 2022 midterm election cycle. Bands such as Conjunto 4 Norte and La Conquistadora Banda performed for a crowd of over 1,000 people in the Las Cruces Downtown Plaza.

We want to thank our project managers, Allyssa Wright and Vanessa Porter

who were an integral part overseeing the civic engagement program as well as the CAFe Accion canvassers. Without the canvassers or project managers, the strides we made in the 2022 midterm election cycle would have not been possible. Allyssa and Vanessa will now be on staff at CAFe Accion as community organizers. They both will be organizing in the greater Las Cruces community in 2023. 

NM CAFe's Community Organizer, Allyssa Wright
NM CAFe's Community Organizer, Vanessa Porter