NM CAFe Logotype in White

To Unlock the Collective Power of People in

Southern New Mexico

NM CAFe Executive Director, Arturo Aguila, talking

The Work

NM CAFe team members, Stevie Paz, Brenda Martinez and Allyssa Wright working and smiling

We envision a world

where everyone belongs, can thrive, is treated justly & with respect; where everyone has a voice in decisions that shape their lives for the betterment of all persons and families in our communities.

NM CAFe team from left to right: Rev. Carolyn Wilkins, Arturo Aguila, Stevie Paz, Allyssa Wright, Brenda Martinez, and Vanessa Porter

Who We Are

Get Involved

On the left: NM CAFe team members in a circle putting their hands together; On the right: NM CAFe Executive Director Arturo Aguila and Operations & HR Manager Brenda Martinez
NM CAFe team talking and laughing