Why We Organize

Angelica Rubio

Executive Director

I organize because of my first love–New Mexico. Whose people are like no other, resilient beyond words. Filled with families who are pulling off miracles every single day, and surviving a system that has been designed to leave us all behind. Its land, so beautiful and majestic, deeply rooted within our hearts, and tattooed to our souls.

Contact Angelica:
(575) 616-1151
Twitter: @anrubio

Johana Bencomo

Director of Community Organizing

I organize because I aspire for all of us to live out our values in abundance, and not scarcity. Where no one is standing in the margins, but live with a deep desire to transform our pain into power.

Contact Johana:
(575) 545-3412
Twitter: @jobenco

Allex Luna

Community Organizer

I organize in order to walk with the marginalized and demonized. I do not only hold the pain and burden close to my heart, but I also carry their joy, hopes, dreams and aspirations. I organize knowing that one day we will all see the glory of the promised land.

Contact Allex:
(760) 534-8268

Stevie R. Paz

Operations and Logistics Manager

I organize because the heart of the work–is the storytelling. And it is through our stories that we bring to light the systems that have been designed to divide us, and it is through our stories that will bring us back together.

Contact Stevie:
(575) 524-0897