Minimum Wage in Las Cruces Increases to $9.20/hr January 1, 2017

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017 all business that require a business license in Las Cruces, NM must pay their hourly employees $9.20/hr and tipped employees $3.68/hr. Any business that does not comply is acting unlawfully. If you believe you are not receiving the lawful minimum wage please contact us by filling out the form below or calling 575-618-6228. 

Current 2016 Las Cruces, NM Minimum Wage: $8.40/hr ($3.36/hr tipped)
Current 2016 New Mexico Minimum Wage: $7.50/hr ($2.13/hr tipped)
Current 2016 United States Minimum Wage: $7.25/hr ($2.13/hr tipped)

Not Getting Paid The Minimum Wage? Let Us Know!

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Contact: Sara Melton (613) 943-3105
Email: meltons@organizenm.org