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Hector Rodriguez, a long time resident of Chaparral, NM, knocked on over 130 doors in last month’s primary elections to encourage his neighbors to vote.  He desires for his community’s voice to be heard so that families have access to infrastructure, education and a higher quality of life for all.  Leaders like Hector will shape the future of Chaparral.  Susan & Patrick Fitzgerald retired to New Mexico 5 years ago and today are active in their synagogue working towards fair treatment of immigrants and their families as well as building bridges across faith traditions and cultures. Rose Ann Vasquez started as a homeowner facing foreclosure that came to an informational meeting at First Christian Church over a year ago.  Today she leads our policy work to combat preventable foreclosures, and recently received a long awaited loan modification allowing her to stay in her home where she raised her family.   

These stories and our work led by community Leaders are not by accident.  This year NM Comunidades en Acción y de Fé (CAFé) shaped a new narrative of faith in action in New Mexico.  This year we engaged leaders in multiple events and trainings that brought thoughtful and prayerful action on issues of infrastructure in rural communities, immigration and mass incarceration in neighborhoods across Dona Ana County.  Your financial contribution to our mission will help us have greater impact in the years to come.  

Through your contribution you will be investing in the development, training and increased civic participation among a broad range of community leaders like Hector, the Fitzgeralds and Rose Ann, across all of Southern New Mexico.  

Our aspiration for 2016-17 is to build regional capacity supporting grassroots faith-based community organizing that broaden opportunity for families. This means that we will engage 10,000 households to vote that usually never get contacted to vote. It means that we no longer accept the reality that we put people’s lives in danger because of bad roads. It means that we give minimum wage earners (mostly women of color in their 30’s) a raise to $10.10 by 2019. It means we address why 1 in 10 children in New Mexico have a parent incarcerated.

Local, sustainable sources of funding provides us the freedom and flexibility necessary to serve our communities and organize families for their own success. We appreciate your contribution to NM CAFé.