We are a non-partisan, non-denominational 501c3 organization that is part of the Faith in Action network (formerly PICO National Network), the largest faith-based community organization in the country.

We are a membership organization led by the concerns and vision of our congregations and communities that organize through NM CAFé. We are a multi-faith, multi-cultural organization that trains and builds the capacity of low and moderate-income families to help shape public policies aimed at improving people’s quality of life in New Mexico. We do not endorse or support any candidates for office.

CAFé leaders and staff work together to build power through leadership development so that we can transform our communities through living out our shared values.

Comunidades en Acción y de Fé (CAFé) de NM

Nosotros somos una organización no lucrativa, no partidista que representa congregaciones e iglesias multi-fé en el sur de Nuevo México. Somos parte de la red nacional PICO, una de las organizaciones comunitarias más grandes en los EE.UU. CAFé es un grupo multi­cultural que entrena a familias para que ellos mismos tengan el poder de cambiar y construir pólizas locales como federales. Nuestra visión es que familias como las suyas participen en mejorar la calidad de vida para sus hijos y los demás. Nosotros no apoyamos a ningún candidato a cargo. CAFé es miembro de la red nacional PICO (piconetwork.org

From the leadership of NM CAFe:

NM CAFe is a multifaith, multicultural organization that involves local community members from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Participants have worked for economic changes (raising the minimum wage and keeping homeowners safe from foreclosure), immigration reform, and preservation of the beauty of our local environment. Board members and leaders of CAFe join together on these and other issues to engage in advocacy of policies that meet these shared policy goals.

Those same individuals may choose, on their own, to devote their energies to other issues not included in the work of CAFe. As a diverse group, we understand that we hold a wide range of opinions. Because of our ongoing partnership, we have developed a healthy respect for one another that does not involve judgment when we disagree. Rather, we have the unique opportunity to gain an understanding of differing positions passionately held by individuals in other arenas in which they participate. This leads us to learn about each other’s views through respectful dialogue. We believe this is a model of fellowship and conversation that can be useful for our society in general. We encourage all of our CAFe leaders to be involved in local, state and national issues on their own as they see fit. We enjoy and value the shared sense of community that emerges from our continuing coordinated work for the betterment of our community.